The Rose Garden and Victoria Park

Victoria Park is an excellent place for a picnic with its smooth meadow and attractive trees.  There you can sit on a bench or lie on the grass and watch the world go by.  As you leave the Rose Window and walk westwards along the road, there are several short paths that will take you down to Victoria Park. A number of seats are situated on that side of the park, well away from the road on the other side.

Alternatively, you can make your way to the Rose Garden to the west of Victoria Park and sit in peace on one of the half dozen benches there.  If the season is right you can enjoy the roses in bloom or, in Spring, the cherry blossom and other trees. For map location of the Rose Garden, click here.

Back in the earlier part of the twentieth century the site of the Rose Garden was a pond.  In Winter the pond often froze over and was used by local people as a skating rink.  In recent years, it looked for a while as though nature was reclaiming it as a pond, for it regularly flooded in heavy rainstorms.  Now the drainage has been greatly improved and the Rose Garden restored to a tranquil haven.