Photo Gallery

            Friends of Balgay visit to the Botanic Garden - August 2016

Good attendance at Spring meeting - April 2015.

Plaque in memory of Dr Hilda Spear, unveiled April 2015.

Unveiling of plaque in memory of Dr Hilda Spear - April 2015.

Bench in memory of Dr Hilda Spear.

The Friends' Annual Litter Pick on Balgay Hill and Park took place on Saturday 23rd August 2014 - see photo above.

The Spring 2014 meeting of Friends of Balgay took place on 26th April at the Mills Observatory and took the form of the popular "Sandwiches and a Blether" - see photo above.

The Summer 2013 meeting of Friends of Balgay took place on 27th July at the Mills Observatory.    Guest speaker was Professor Geoff Squire of the James Hutton Institute and some photographs, including of a presentation to Professor Squire, are above.

The Friends of Balgay organised a litter pick across Balgay Park and Hill on 2nd June 2013, as part of Dundee's Festival of Volunteering. Some of the team, above, photographed at Mills Observatory on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

April 2013 - Unveiling of Rose Garden Plaque 


   Autumn beauty of Balgay Hill November 2012

Balgay litter pick team May 2012

Friends of Balgay receive their presentation from Barney's Fund November 2011


Jim Crumley gives a presentation to Friends of Balgay July 2009