Mills Observatory

The Mills Observatory is one of the few free public observatories in Britain and houses a Victorian refracting telescope, a small planetarium and a display area. There is parking available outside the building and a ramp for wheelchair access to the ground floor where the main displays and lecture room are. There is also a wheelchair accessible toilet.

Built of sandstone, the Observatory has a papier-mache dome and the planetarium is able to seat 18 people.

Mills Observatory is named after a wealthy 19th century Dundee linen manufacturer. John Mills was also a keen amateur astronomer and, when he died in 1889, he left a bequest to Dundee Town Council for the erection of a public observatory. Due to various events, such as the first world war, construction did not take place until 1938 when the Observatory was eventually opened by the Astronomer Royal.

More that 10,000 people a year visit the Observatory and staff are more than happy to answer questions and ensure a pleasant and informative visit.